Temporary Insanity

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The paths we take and make for ourselves are always trying to change us. I know this. Inside I am constantly changing myself to fix what I find broken or unsatisfactory.

Saying so, I have changes that are coming and going. It’s a rough run for us all, but we take them one day at a time and one caress as it comes.

-Working on the “Bittersweet Memories” series and turning it into a novel. A full novel. Plot thickens and unfolds… Stay tuned for more of that.

-In the works with a few anthologies for submissions and print. Hopefully some of them won’t be too intimidated by my work…

-I found a publisher or two that specializes in off the chart erotica. They desire the undesirable desires that people are afraid to admit they want. I have a few stories that will not be accepted by certain sites that I want to give to them. Also, any and all odd fantasies are welcome for suggestions.

-Myownlovestory.com!!!!! A.K. Corgan will write all fantasies that you desire! She will even star in them if you wish. 😉 Orders can be placed at the site and are welcome all the time! Come on… challenge me. I dare you.

-July 19th is the Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia. I have something wonderful in the works with a nice little surprise. Come and see what I have in store for you as well as a group of amazing writers and readers. It’s always an amazing time… Visit theeroticsalon.com for all details.

Times they are a changin’. Won’t you stick around for the show????

Beauty in Tragedy.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The term “beauty” is such a desperately distracting word. The Merriam-Webster definition of beauty is “the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.” Nowadays people are preoccupied with being one of the beautiful people but who is to say what true beauty is? I can find true pleasure in something that another one might find repulsive or ugly. For me, beauty is not a standard. It is an opinion.

Chocolate stimulates my senses in just about all ways. I have a feeling a lot of women will agree with me on this.

The sight of a piece of chocolate makes me smile with anticipation of being able to eat it. When I open the wrapper, the sounds of the paper or foil will make my mouth water and my tongue escape to lick my lips. The scent of chocolate will give me cause to close my eyes and sigh, a comforting scent that reminds me of cookies baking in the oven or smores by a campfire. It triggers memories inside that I forget until the tendrils of scent reach my nose. Then the taste. Each piece of chocolate is different but they all have the same qualities of richness and flavor. Savoring each bite of my candy and making it last is difficult when I want to devour the whole thing, but I wait and take a bite softly, letting it rest on my tongue. I wait for it to melt before sliding down my throat. And don’t forget to lick the melted chocolate from your fingertips. One last taste before the confection is a memory.

So, technically… chocolate is beautiful. Now, to someone who is allergic to chocolate, the senses won’t feel the same and so they won’t experience the same joy in the beauty of piece of candy that I do.

But the same can be said about a man. A man I find beautiful might not appeal to you or your friends. Someone with a scar, for example, might not reach your beauty standards, but me? I find scars sexy. I feel that someone with a scar has a story to tell and a battle to be proud of. But only certain men stimulate our senses.

The sight of a sexy man walking towards you will make you smile and something low in your body curl. The feel of his arms wrapping around you will bring an army of goosebumps to your skin and make you arch your body closer to his. The scent of his cologne fills your lungs when you take a deep breath and reminds you of dark corners and tangled sheets from the last encounters you had with him, bringing memories to surface of long nights spent in his arms. The taste of his lips as you kiss them delicately, opening your mouth a little bit to let the tip of your tongue trace his bottom lip, will hit you like a drug making you dizzy and cling to him. Hearing his moan begin deep in his throat, makes delicate places on your body tingle and tremble with the want of his hands touching you. When your name escapes his lips and hits your ears… heaven.

Now THAT is fucking beauty.

My Love is Music.

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Something about a really great musician that gets my blood pumping faster than a speeding locomotive. Especially when he is a player that puts more passion into a guitar solo than most bands do in an entire album. It’s difficult to fully perform something that you care about with your eyes open. If your eyes are open while you wail on that rosewood fretboard, you aren’t playing as hard as you can. Watch a Jimmy Hendrix video and tell me if his eyes are open.

When I saw him on stage, the lights were completely out. A hush fell over the crowd and a few notes were plucked with nimble fingers on dirty steel strings that were played to the right place for maximum sound. Goosebumps completely ran over my body. They all rushed to the top of my skin, trying to get closer to the sound like they wanted to rush the stage and get in front of everyone. The first note from his mouth was a slow, high cry. Soothing at first but then his vocal chords opened and they let more sound flow through.

Then a single light shined on the majestic maestro. Lone soul baring his before the world.

What he does to me when he plays is better than what the most skilled lover can do to my body when we twist between the sheets. The song picks up and more notes fill my ears, traveling over my senses and igniting each one with a new sensation. Notes play on my body like fingertips, traveling inside and out, feeling for the perfect place to call home. My hands by my sides can’t sit still and want to reach out to grab each note he is singing. I let my fingertips travel over my hips, my ribs, the sides of my breasts until they tangle in my hair and move with my head, tossing side to side and keeping beat. That beat. It fills my bloodstream and skips my heart, making it pump with a tempo his inspirational flow.

Throw your hands to the sky.

My hips move back and forth, pulsing with the beat and twisting with the tone. He makes my body vibrate and move in a way that I can’t stop. I long for the dark corners of the venue to pull my clothes aside and be pure and naked, feel each note over my body like I can feel it twisting my soul.

The next melody starts and it’s faster, deeper and stronger than the last. My body takes it inside and moves with the flow. Tingles are racing through the air from his fingertips and touching my skin, under the cloth covering everything I want to expose. I will his fingers to leave the instrument and touch me, traveling callused and worn skin over the softness of my stomach. Calluses built from years of musical interpretation of emotions and art. This man has created more than music. He has created life with his art. I wanted to experience that.

The bass beat of the single drum cadence was thumping into my chest, hitting me hard from the speakers and I felt the tingling in my pussy with each sonic hit. The music was stroking my wet flesh with each tap of his foot on the pedal. I moved my hit as if a finger was pressing onto my clit with each beat. The melody picked up and the strokes came faster and faster. My body responded in kind and my hands once more tangled in my hair. The amazing feeling of sound waves flowing through me was making my legs shake and my breathe come faster.

And now… his solo.

The strings on his guitar was puppet strings and he controlled them like a master, dancing the melody to reach my skin. The notes were an enigma of a pattern but each one hit me so hard and fast, making me drench my panties and bite my lip. I wanted to feel those fingers moving so fast and sure. I imagined those fingers touching me and dipping between my legs and finding the proof of my desire for his talent.

Over the solo, the drum beat continued. Pound. Pound. Pound of the pedal on the head. I couldn’t take it anymore, my body burst with passionate flames, fire exploding inside me with the climax of the song triggering my own until I was shaking and crying out for more.

More! Play on!!

I need an encore more than my next breath.

Play for me??

Some men don’t get that women like to be hunted.

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Getting readers’ emails are one of the best things about publishing my work. When I put up a new story and come back, there will be tons of people responding to the story telling me whether they liked it or not and how they *ahem* took care of whatever condition my story caused in their body.


But every once in a while, I will get an email from a fan that makes me… a little confused. I really don’t know how to respond to these emails, but I try as hard as I can. These emails usually start with something crass and obnoxious like, “Your story got me so hard, I’m holding my cock thinking it’s you..” blah blah kind of typical unimaginative purple prose that I try to avoid using anyway. Then it will go into a bit of detail about what he wants to use that exaggerated hard and cut cock to do to me. Just because I wrote a story about fucking a guy in the back seat of my car.


I’m not saying I don’t enjoy dirty talk, and I love sex as much as any other erotic author does, but when you write me over 1000 words on what you would like to do to me, it doesn’t quite get my skirt up over my thighs. No matter what kind of instructions you give me to dip my fingers in my wetness that you seem to think you created. I don’t mind my boy telling me what to do, but you, kind sir… have not been granted that permission. I am very submissive. But I am a submissive that has dominate tendencies and when you haven’t earned a safe word, my hair stands on end.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hearing my fans tell me how hard I got them or even how wet, I do have some female fans as well… If I didn’t enjoy the feedback, I wouldn’t write stories for my fans. I like the ideas and the thoughts and what they loved and hated about what I wrote. Keep them coming!

I just really don’t know what you want me to do with 75 questions, some of which my own primary care physician doesn’t even know, and then a detailed description of how to touch myself while reading your requests. It’s also difficult to read when you use little punctuation and don’t capitalize. ANYTHING.

In the meantime… keep an eye open for new work and mark your calendars if you are in the Philly area. The next Erotic Literary Salon is coming up next week, June 21st and it’s from 8-10 at the Bohemian Absinthe Lounge on Samson st. I will be reading an excerpt from my sample story at myownlovestory.com about a girl finding her inner submissive.


-love AK

My Own Love Story

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As of today, I am officially a freelance writer for myownlovestory.com. This site is a custom erotica site where you can order your wildest fantasy that you have always wanted to experience or maybe an anniversary gift for a loved one that you can’t find the right gift for. Prices and styles range so go check out the site for all the wonderful things we have to offer!

Second is the Best

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Changes are coming to the site, my precious snowflakes. So keep your eyes open and come back to see all the wonderful things that are coming.

In the meantime, come find me on Twitter and Facebook and say hi!

Or you could go to eroticstories.com or literotica.com and read the already published works I have for you to play with.



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This site is currently under construction. Thank you for trying to support my blog but there is nothing to see here yet.

If you would like to find me to see what I’m all about, you can find me on Twitter and Facebook under user name ApathyKiss.

Until then, stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun ride….