ApathyKiss is an erotic author from Philadelphia. She has been publishing her short stories since she turned 18 and hasn’t stopped writing since. Her inspiration comes from her love of music and body modification which are current themes in her writing. She calls her style “Rock and Roll Erotica” because of the hard edge her characters have, as well as the occasional lead musician character that sweeps her off her feet.

Miss Kiss currently writes for herself, but is publishing her work for Group MVP magazine and the random anthology that tickles her fancy. She loves getting feedback on her stories and encourages all to read, enjoy and love her work. Please visit the Links page to find the sites currently publishing her work, and the contact page to find where she is lurking at the moment.

and don’t forget…

Live Your Dream.

One Response to “About”

  1. Well Miss Kiss lol i love it. i cant read it, but i love it. i left you feedback on the other site as well , its funny, read that too.

    ❤ ya,

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