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Erotic Literary Salon

Posted in Erotic Literary Salon, What's new? on October 3, 2011 by ApathyKiss

Mark your calendars, my snowflakes!!!!

October 18th ApathyKiss is the featured author for the Erotic Literary Salon at the Bohemian Absinthe Lounge in Philadelphia!!

Come out to hear me read to you- a ghost story with an erotic twist!!! It’s going to be fun!

Hope to see you there!

Temporary Insanity

Posted in Erotic Literary Salon, What's new? on July 9, 2011 by ApathyKiss

The paths we take and make for ourselves are always trying to change us. I know this. Inside I am constantly changing myself to fix what I find broken or unsatisfactory.

Saying so, I have changes that are coming and going. It’s a rough run for us all, but we take them one day at a time and one caress as it comes.

-Working on the “Bittersweet Memories” series and turning it into a novel. A full novel. Plot thickens and unfolds… Stay tuned for more of that.

-In the works with a few anthologies for submissions and print. Hopefully some of them won’t be too intimidated by my work…

-I found a publisher or two that specializes in off the chart erotica. They desire the undesirable desires that people are afraid to admit they want. I have a few stories that will not be accepted by certain sites that I want to give to them. Also, any and all odd fantasies are welcome for suggestions.!!!!! A.K. Corgan will write all fantasies that you desire! She will even star in them if you wish. 😉 Orders can be placed at the site and are welcome all the time! Come on… challenge me. I dare you.

-July 19th is the Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia. I have something wonderful in the works with a nice little surprise. Come and see what I have in store for you as well as a group of amazing writers and readers. It’s always an amazing time… Visit for all details.

Times they are a changin’. Won’t you stick around for the show????