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What is the safe word?

Posted in contest on July 27, 2011 by ApathyKiss

Do you have a safe word? Do you have a word that you hold onto in your heart, on the tip of your tongue, but never whispered for it to stop?

I want to know what that word is. I want an inspirational safe word to catapult my first official novel into the erotic world and I want my fans to help me! I will be polling everyone and asking for suggestions and favorites on Twitter and Facebook for the next few weeks.

The deadline will be the end of August because I want a lot of ideas. I want to know why and I want to know if you ever used it. And don’t forget, this is a contest!!

What do you win? Oh, let me tell you. You will win a free copy of the novel you inspired! And even a mention in the dedication. Because if not for you, it would have never been written.

Make sure you get credit! So email me at with your submissions or find me on Facebook and Twitter!

Let the games begin!!!