May 2012 Erotic Salon Email

Hello Friends of the Philadelphia Cultural Salons,
Thanks to all who made April’s Salon another wonderful evening of steamy readings. The discussion at the end was most inofrmative, and enjoyed by those that stayed to listen.
May 17th next Salon – Dr. Frances will be back from her snowbird hideout. I know she will be excited to see all and share one of her stories.
May’s Press Release can be viewed at Check navigation bar – Press Release. I also blog daily (almost). Postings usually deal with newsworthy & not so newsworthy s+exual issues that include my s+x positive spin, steamy stories, and interesting events.
IMPORTANT: Format change for signing up to read. To reserve a space to read at the Salon, please add your name to the sign-up sheet posted at upstairs entrance. 15-20 names will be accepted, depending upon the program for the evening and length of pieces. Names will be collected starting at 7:30.

I am tweeting, do follow @TheEroticSalon.
Partnering and cross promoting the following events and workshops:

First Person Arts:

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School:                                
Peek-a-Boo Burlesque Revue:

Cabaret Red Light:                                                                      
Plum Dragoness:
Monica Day:    

Please post information and reviews regarding the Erotic Literary Salon to various blog sites you visit. If you write for any blogs, please contact me and perhaps we can create an interesting article or interview you can post.

***Parking lot (123-27 South 12th St. / 1140 Sansom St.) around the corner from TIME. Offering a $5 rate for the evening (enter after 5pm). Need special coupon. Follow directions at the site and print out coupon. Must pay with credit card.                 

Save the Date: May 17th, third Tuesday. Come early for a good seat.


Susana Mayer
Founder & Host The Erotic Literary Salon                               


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