Release for the Salon

This is the email that was sent to the patrons on the Erotic Literary Salon email list. It has many delicious treats to offer…

Hello Friends of the Philadelphia Cultural Salons,

Writing from hot, humid, sometimes sunny Florida. Escorted our very own Frances (resident nonagenarian) to her snowbird haven, and now spending a few weeks with my son. Still at work, just a different location.

I shall return just in time to host our next Salon, and a great one it will be. In celebration of Halloween, our very own gifted writer – Apathykiss will be reading an erotic horror themed, s+xy story.

***Reminder, I strongly encourage you to sign-up in advance to read, the list is filling quickly. Please check your timing at home by reading aloud prior to presenting at the Salon. email to reserve a spot.

Do you have an interesting s+x story to tell, a hot phone s+x dialogue, s+xy txt, poem, etc.? Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, but think readers might enjoy your words, please submit them to the Erotic Literary Salon’s Anthology. Anyone can participate. You may send the call for submissions viral via your social network. The call for submissions can be located on the navigation bar of the Salon.

Carter/Johnson Library will be on display during the Philadelphia Leather Pride Weekend Nov 3rd – Nov 6th at the William Way Center:

The Carter/Johnson Leather Library, a non-profit 501(c)(3) (pending) organization, is a traveling collection of thousands of books, magazines, posters, art, club and event pins, newspapers, event programs and ephemera showing Leather, fetish, and S/M erotic history.

The Library includes:
Rare books dating as far back as 1701
Flagellation tracts from the 1700’s
A special section of limited editions from European and American publishers dating back to the 1800’s
Classic works of Von Sacher Masoch, De Sade, Trocchi, Rabelais, Boccaccio, and Ellis
More modern writings of F.C. Campbell, Dolcet, Reage, Prescott and Vassi
Serialized books such as Bizarre
Autographed copies from many modern writers and modern educational classics from Nazca Plains Publishing.

You will also find:
Original copies of “Bizarre Magazine,” “Erotique,” “Fantastique and Physique Pictorial” from the 1940 and 1950’s
Early editions of “London Life,” magazines of special interest such as the first article on S/M in a major publication
The “Life Magazine” showing the Chuck Arnett mural of leather men
The Arrest of Monique Von Cleef
Complete collections of “Black Leather in Color,” “The Leather Journal,” “Dungeon Master,” “Drummer,” “Cuir,” “Body Play” and many other magazines of the last five decades.

You can also relax in the library for hours watching DVDs of “The Story of O,” “The Pet,” “A Tour of the Leather Archives and Museum with Dr. Tony DeBlase,” “Kinky,” “Piercing Visions,” “Blood Sisters,” “Tattoo,” “Out of the Darkness,” “The history of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club,” event DVDs and other titles to numerous to name.

I am making an exception by using this email to promote John Franklin’s ebooks, since he has been unable to attend the Salon because of severe health issues.

CREATUS v e n t u r e s ebook publisher and distributor of John Franklin’s The Professor and the Erotic Coed series and other ebooks

The True Story about
”The Immortalization of F+ck”
Approximate word count: 12,000
Readers’ Comments: John Franklin is an author/member of and can be reached via the Kindle Smut discussion group and his bio page.
ebook edition: $3.00 available as downloads in Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook formats. This series was written and formatted specifically for eBook distribution.

Several events I would like to promote.

First Person Arts: First Person Festival of memoir and documentary art, Nov. 10-20. Theater, storytelling, documentary film, workshops, author readings, and more- all inspired by real life experience.

Stripped Stories – November 18 and 19, 10pm, at the Painted Bride:
“It’s like sharing your deepest secrets in front of a room full of your best friends.”
– Margot Leitman

Moth Grandslam champions Margot Leitman and Giulia Rozzi put a new spin on “intimate” storytelling with a night of s+x-themed stories, games and live music. A monthly hit at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC and LA, Stripped Stories combines “intentionally and deliciously awkward moments” (Out Magazine) with an array of “jaw-dropping tales” (Playgirl Magazine).

Popular First Person Arts artists, former phone s+x operator and storyteller Kent Dwyer and writer Liz Spikol, tell their own tantalizing tales. The incomparable cabaret performer Johnny Showcase serenades the audience with his unique style of sensual soul tunes in a solo set. Be prepared– the audience gets into the act too with a special version of the classic party game Never Have I Ever.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School: check website for future events

Peek-a-Boo Burlesque Revue: check website for future events

Cabaret Red Light: check website for future events

Extended – Act II Playhouse in Ambler:, “Sylvia,” A love triangle between a man, his wife…and his dog! All about unconditional love. I attended preview and it was fabulous, if you enjoy theatre do not miss this one. September 6 – October 9.

Please post information and reviews regarding the Erotic Literary Salon to various blog sites you visit. If you write for any blogs, please contact me and perhaps we can create an interesting article or interview you can post.

October’s Press Release can be viewed at Check navigation bar – Live Salon Info.

***Parking lot (123-27 South 12th St. / 1140 Sansom St.) around the corner from TIME. Offering a $5 rate for the evening (enter after 5pm). Need special coupon. Follow directions at the site and print out coupon. Must pay with credit card.

Please remember, I blog almost daily. Postings usually deal with newsworthy & not so newsworthy s+xual issues that include my s+x-positive spin.

Save the date: October 18th.

Come early for a good seat.


Susana Mayer
Founder & Host The Erotic Literary Salon

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