That is the Question…

I have been working with a few people on some amazing projects in the past few weeks and have many more planned. Not only erotica, but songs and even a screenplay.

This poem was written by my favorite poet and sister Chante. I added and changed a few things and now it is a wonderful display of two writers coming together to write about a beautiful sexual experience. I hope you like it… and gentlemen? Take notes.

To Eat the Peach or To Not Eat the Peach
By: Chante Douglas and ApathyKiss

To eat a Peach or not eat a Peach..that is the question
When true delight is handed to you,
A delicious treat from the sacred garden,
I hate to tell you this…
But it is necessary to devour
And enjoy every lick.
To see how many it takes to get to the core
Where the sweetest juices flow
Don’t bite it or break the skin
Don’t fake like you enjoy it
I want you to love it
Its soft and sweet
with a little peach fuzz
Then you tell me….
You dont eat peaches
Excuse me?
But you want me to eat your fruit instead?
FUCK that!!!
Then there’s YOU…
who loves to eat peaches
hold my hands down
so i cant move
My peach open and ripe
Somehow your arm gets wrapped around my waist
and my legs are shaking
I’m screaming in a different language
that I didn’t think i was fluent in
I’m starting to sweat
My heart is racing
I cant catch my breath
You grab my breasts
Until i feel like I’m passing out
I’m trying to hold on but I cant
I’m losing control..
Where the fuck are you going??
We aren’t close to being done yet….

If you enjoyed this poem, you can contact me at or hear her read in person at the Erotic Literary Salon every third Tuesday of the month.

One Response to “That is the Question…”

  1. Very deep. Great words. Really makes me appreciate the peach…
    Love the poem.
    Come too…..

    Let me know how my stories and mostly poems are
    Its free to join. Just have to be 18.


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